Every day, at the KOLONAT restaurants around Albania and Kosovo, more than — employees are working – young students, working mothers, managers and coordinators with different educations – which transmit the quality and values of KOLONAT, to the clients.

• Under the motto “The Client Above All”, we have created a standard where every clients fins the polite and welcoming service. “Quality, service, cleanliness” its always the focal point of our activity, which has made the KOLONAT brand to be frequented and liked by all age groups.

• At KOLONAT there’s a lot of work


He who decides to work at KOLONAT, must have the wish to work, wish to learn and to perform well in different tasks, to handle the pressure of moments with high flux of clients, and to be willing to help wherever it is needed, to respect all the rules of safety and standard, efficiency and quality that KOLONAT asks from itself and its staff members. In the KOLONAT restaurants, it is of crucial importance the correct compliance with the specific time-frame for the preparation of the products, sanitizing of the hands, and the use of the restroom, as its with all other professional businesses where the respecting of time it’s a crucial factor for the quality of work.

• You have to bring the supplies inside, to serve in the counter, to fry the potatoes, to clean and to maintain clean the environment where you work.


• The restaurant staff at KOLONAT carry on various tasks, spread according to the shifts, based on the rotation criterion. These tasks are: the transporting of the goods inside the restaurant, welcoming clients, taking of the orders in the counter and in the hall, preparation of the food in accordance with the safety standards (for e.g. frying of potatoes, cooking of the meat, preparation of the pizza’s dough, toasting of the bread, salad preparation, pasta’s preparation etc..), cleaning (some restaurants use a third-party cleaning service, others organize their personnel’s shift for cleaning). We conduct the cleaning of the area ourselves, to ensure a thorough cleaning within all the standards.

• It is worked in shifts, even on weekends.


The staff’s shifts vary between the requests and the flux of clients in the specific restaurants and are organized in such a way that offers an efficient service in every moment, predicting a high number of workers in the high flux times and less workers on the lesser intense hours. Furthermore, the shift hours during weekends need to be covered as well.

The workers at KOLONAT work with a regular work contract and are paid in accordance with the amount mentioned in the contract, at the end of each month.
The average contract payment at KOLONAT are assigned in accordance with the workers payment standards as stated in the national collective worker’s contract.

• 90% of the workers are with an indefinite term working contract

All the workers at KOLONAT are regularly employed in accordance with the national collective worker’s contract.

More concretely, 94% of them have a stable work contract, 71% are with an indefinite term, and 23% of them with an internship contract (of a duration of 36 months), equal with the ones with indefinite term contract. The rest, consisting of 6% of workers, gain a limited time contract according to specific situations, for e.g. when replacing a worker on leave permission etc,

• You can become a restaurant manager even at the age of 27

At KOLONAT, the possibilities for the professional growth begin immediately and the abilities are evaluated according to merit. 90% of managers have started from the lowest levels, climbing each step, until achieving the highest function. 40% of the administration employees come from the restaurants. Kolonat is a good opportunity for the employing of young people; the average age of which is 29 years old.

• We at KOLONAT believe in our philosophy, this is why we have employed youngsters and will continue to do so in the upcoming years.

Currently, at KOLONAT, there are 300 employees working throughout the whole country and Kosovo; 100 employees more in comparison with last year. In the coming three years, KOLONAT will open over 6 new restaurants which means employment for a minimum of 200 new young workers. These 200 new work spots are added to the number of employment that is regularly made in the KOLONAT restaurants for the usual changing of existing personnel and are spread throughout all the branches in an equal manner.