• Training

Enthusiasm, organization and a high sense of responsibility make KOLONAT restaurants to sell each year thousands of hamburgers, sandwiches, pizza, chicken products etc.
Continuous training and coordination of abilities make possible the achievement of such figures. For us, it is crucial that all of our workers know and apply correctly the procedures, communication with the staff and the clients, the common sharing of responsibilities and results.
In the KOLONAT philosophy, people are an investment; for this reason, since 10 we offer training programs in all the levels for all the employment positions, from the simple employee, to restaurant manager. The training is mainly done in the logistics center of KOLONAT, but also in the restaurants, where professionals guide them and form the future partnerships.
He who chooses to work at KOLONAT, knows that he can gain not only work-related abilities, but also managing abilities in the field of public relations, which enrich his professionalism. More than 81% of our employees has an age below 30 years, sign of the dynamic and of the real opportunities that we give.

KOLONAT offers young people their first time employment opportunity, or the definite choice for their careers.


You can start your career at KOLONAT anytime, by sending your application online, ore in the forms found in every KOLONAT restaurant, to partake in the “Employment Day” that is organized in our facilities.
The work profiles in the restaurants are four, each with a different position and responsibility: Simple Employee, Hostess, Supervisor, and Restaurant Manager.

• Simple Employee

It’s the pulse of the restaurant, has flexible hours and frequently works also part-time
Students are asked a minimum of 8 working hours a week.
Simple employees are part of a team that works as a single body; he attends the client in the counter or in the hall, takes orders, and professionally prepares the products in the kitchen while respecting the standards of hygiene and safety. Is responsible for the quality of service towards the client.

• Hostess

It’s responsible for the attending of clients and the liveliness of the restaurant. She’s a mediator figure between the manager and the simple employee which works either part time or full time. Manages special events and children parties. The qualities that should characterize her are cordiality, and the will to please the requests of the clients.
Is known for the organizing talent tied closely with the creative abilities and the passion for the children.
Knows the work procedures in the restaurant, along with the counter and the kitchen, performs some of the tasks along with the simple employee, attends clients and manages complaints. Can also become a main hostess.

• Supervisor

In most of the cases, he begins his job as a simple employee and works full time. Its open, cooperative, manages the organization of the restaurant and the work team in different hours of the day. Organizes the practical training for the new employees, follows and evaluates their results. Works along with the manager. Is responsible for the organization of the shifts, quality of service, attending and satisfaction of the client. Can become restaurant manager.

• Restaurant Manager

Has gone through all the work phases in the restaurant and works full time. Manages the restaurant with full independence. Due to the training completed, has gained knowledge on marketing, personnel administration, running of the restaurant, of the safety and hygiene in the workplace. Is responsible for the employees, for their motivation and development. Plans the tasks which need to be completed for the correct flowing of the activity; guarantees the product quality and of the offered services; has as an objecting the increase of the restaurant’s income. In collaboration with his direct superior, plans his professional development.
Can become a supervisor of various restaurants or follow the career path in the administration office of the company.