Kolonat is composed of people that are convinced that in order to minimally decrease the impact of restaurants toward the environment, it is necessary for the collective contribution on creating and well keeping clean and appealing environments.
Frequently the interventions are not visible. We have started our concrete activity since the opening of the first restaurant; the first step is the protection of the environment that surrounds us, where we carry out our activity. With our initiatives we have made possible to create clean and esthetically appealing spaces, by offering reconstructed and entertaining surroundings.
We serve packaging in recyclable cardboard material. In the year 2003 we started to systemically collect materials of cardboard destined to be recycled.
The gathering of used oil and their delivery to be recycled in the industrial sector is one of our priorities which we follow correctly.
We have adapted new techniques for the building and reconstructing of our restaurants (solid and stable structures, wall coatings and glasses that allow the reduction of losses or the flow of heat)
These are only some of the tasks that we are doing to serve the environment, but It is not enough; we want to do more and do it better, to create clean and appealing environments.



Coexistence is the primary motive of the decoration, characteristic of which are the wide and modern spaces.

The table’s and chair’s design are built with quality elements. The vast colors combined with the classic pavement create an unique style; its like a house furnished with the taste of a young architect, with few but correctly chosen elements, creating a modern and trendy environment. It is the typical metropolitan style in the center of cities and in the living areas, since it adapts both for families and the youngsters which prefer elegant and unique environments to enjoy an experience outside of their home environments, and make new acquaintances.



The restaurants in Tirana and in the other Albanian cities and Kosovo are the cream of KOLONAT’s style of furniture. This style represents the symbolism and philosophy of business and the quality values that distinguish it. Glass panels which are in harmony with the contemporary style of interior decoration, enriched with the design elements of the chairs and sofas, with the professional lighting, creating quite an elegant environment

Based on the innovation of technology and construction raw materials, this style is authentic and impressing; of a modern era and, simultaneously, of all eras. This concept overlaps two different elements like stone and wood, combined and placed in different areas of the restaurant. The separating walls and perimeter finishes are wood elements intertwined in unique and unusual forms and lines.

The contemporary design, simple, but warm and relaxing. The halls are furnished with natural material with different tonalities of soft colors and with orange colored columns that make the environment unique and very welcoming. These restaurants are mainly located in the city, like central areas with offices and shops, but also in the outskirts, in residential areas, since they are suitable for every public; employees, businessmen, families and youngsters


It’s characterized by warm colors, like okra and other natural materials, especially wood, combined with special lighting components and designs both the ceiling and the floors.

The features of the lighting system ensure that the light is spread more or less according to the sitting places. Particular attention is paid to the saving of energy by using Led lamps, fluorescent etc. This style is used in shopping malls and residential areas; people that take part are mostly families with their children, and youngsters which are in search of a youngish and fresh meeting place

The name speaks for itself; simple furnishing, but carefully curated, with innovative atmosphere, close to the client’s taste.



The glowing and lively colors characterize particularly the children’s area. The playground, is highly attractive, built with style and placed in a specific hall for birthday parties, with vast colors, neutralized acoustics, and long tables for wide spaces. The children’s playground makes these restaurants an ideal resting place for young families with children

In the new remodeling project for the children’s area, show up the glowing colors full of life. Here the children can undertake physical and entertaining activities, two main elements for their growth.


In each KOLONAT branch you will find intertwined all of our expertise for constructing and furnishing, and also the contemporary modern styles. This is one of our objectives to bring and adapt environments as utilitarian and entertaining for our client.