The ingredients

100% Veal Meat

Our hamburgers are made of 100% veal meat.
The meat we use for our hamburgers is taken from the front limbs of cultivated bovine. The taste and quality is the same as with the meat you would find at your trusted butcher’s shop.
Along with our suppliers, we verify the quality of the meat in all of its distribution range, making continuous yearly checkups and by applying strict standards of hygiene and product safety.
In full accordance with the governing laws, we control, every moment the origin of the meat and also the specified standards and parameters.
KOLONAT’s hamburgers contain the minimal amount of fat, in the balanced value needed for an optimal cooking in the grill, without adding oil, and keeping the softness and all of the meat’s organoleptic properties until the moment of serving it to the client.


In the essence of the bread’s and pizza’s dough, lays the unity of certain simple elements like water, wheat flour (no GMO), barm, slight amount of sugar, and olive oil.
Our suppliers are true specialists of bread production. They know the secrets to a good dough, of the natural forming process and the correct baking. This gives our bread rolls the typical golden color which is distinguishable from other types of bread. It also gives our pizza’s dough and other products that softness and good taste.
By using a high quality flour for the production of the pizzas and pitas, we offer products with taste and guaranteed standards.
For the preparation of the pasta, we have chosen the Italian brand “Barilla”, which offers today the highest quality of pasta.


The fries we use at the KOLONAT branch are from the “McCain” brand and “Lamb Weston”, leaders in the production of potato products. They are delivered exclusively for our branch and you have the possibility to enjoy fries of an absolute quality of taste and nutritional values. The potatoes are fried in palm oil, selected while constantly monitoring the oil’s temperature in the fryers throughout a computerized system. Even the oil’s quality is controlled daily with the assistance of a specific electronic apparatus. Each time we change the oil, we replace all of it with a new amount.


Sauces are produced by our company “BELAVIS”, which are produced by a selected staff of technologists and qualified staff. In the selection of the raw materials, we make sure that they completely fulfill all the parameters which guarantee a quality production of our sauces, and to guarantee their taste. Our whole production is monitored to guarantee the quality and freshness of the sauce product. The sauces, be it of the hamburgers, sandwiches or pizzas, are certified and approved by the legal organizations which determine the conditions that we rigorously follow.
The pizza’s sauce, is a production of the brand “Divella”, which guarantees a quality production and also is a product that is certified in the international market.


Our salads and vegetables are selected by following the procedures that maximally reduce the risk of a presence of elements that harm the product.
After a daily careful selection in the market, they are washed in cold water, cut, packed and transported in the restaurants freshly every day, in the same manner that you would operate in your own household.
At any moment, the client gets served with fresh material, by always maintaining the standards and a high nutritional value.
Thanks to a correct testing system, we make the frequent control in the gathering center and also in the KOLONAT points, to identify their state before use.


-  Sliced Cheese, which is used in the KOLONAT recipes, is the Cheddar cheese. This is a cheese of British provenience, and its characteristics like taste and seasoning, make it the ideal for Hamburgers and Sandwiches.
- Mozzarella, is produced in one of the certified establishments in Albania, which guarantees a quality product. Under our frequent care, we have standardized a product which does not contain industrial sub products , but its directly derived from the cow’s milk.


We use oils that do not contain industrial elements, but are only vegetable oils produced according the European parameters.
Palm Oil: We use palm oil for the cooking of the fries, such oil is produced in the Malaysian factory, which is 100% vegetable.
Extra Virgin Olive Oil: We use oil from the “ALTIS” brand, a high quality oil, produced in Greece and recognized in the international market. You can enjoy it in our sandwich products, pizzas, salads, pasta etc.