Who we are

Flete tabakaje kosova


The BELAVIS Ltd. association, founded in 1996, operates with the brand KOLONAT Mediterranean Fast Food, in the field of social food, and it’s specifically oriented in the service of standardized food.

The standardized products that are served to the consumer are a combination composed of hamburgers, sandwiches, pizzas, salads, pasta, toasts, club sandwiches, chicken nuggets, and also chicken wings, pitas, souvlaki, fries and drinks.

The company is responsible for the quality guarantee of the products that it serves, which are within the European Union standards of food.

Our main principles in the customer service are: Quality of the raw materials – freshness of the ingredients – hygiene and high cleanliness – the welcoming nature of the personnel – the pleasure to eat in an entertaining place.

One of the priorities of the company is the care towards the customers. During the opening hours, at KOLONAT you can try, without losing time, a warm meal, nutritive and tasty, which is kindly and politely served by the staff members, in a lively environment, with warm and comfortable colors, where hygiene is 100% guaranteed.

This activity is run by a professional staff specialized in this field of social food. The total number of the employers in the KOLONAT branches along with the KOLONAT franchises, as of today reaches the number of 180 people.


The history of the KOLONAT chain:

On the date 15/12/2003, the BELAVIS Ltd. association, opens the Mediterranean Fast Food KOLONAT in the city of Tirana, the first restaurant in Albania with a self-service modality, in the “Nene Teresa” square. The opening of such restaurant, increased in a noticeable manner the range of services and the income achieved by the company, hence creating the premises of opening same-like branches in other cities of Albania and beyond its borders, concretely:

  • Year 2007 – KOLONAT opens in the street Ibrahim Rugova, near Libri Universitar
  • Year 2008 – KOLONAT opens in the “Elbasani Street”, in which the taxi delivery service function is installed for the first time
  • July 2009 – KOLONAT opens in the Barrikada street, in the Nentekateshe buildings
  • December 2009 – KOLONAT opens in the Strauss Square (Xhamlliku)
  • December 2009 – KOLONAT opens in Shopping Center Citypark, on the same day of the inauguration of such center
  • December 2012 – KOLONAT opens in the Shopping Center TEG


Franchise network:

  • March 2012 – KOLONAT Franchise opens in Vlora
  • July 2012 – KOLONAT Franchise opens in Shengjin
  • August 2012 – KOLONAT Franchise opens in Pristina
  • August 2013 – KOLONAT Franchise opens in Durres