Our suppliers

KOLONAT is not a supplier, meaning, it does not produce any form of food or ingredient, but serves such products.
The activity requires that its conditions to be respected in all levels of production like the selection of the raw materials, transformation, gathering and transportation all the way to storage, preparation, cooking and delivery to the restaurants.

To be a supplier means to answer to the strict standards of quality and safety, but mainly it means to be a partner; to give the direct contribute in the KOLONAT system development, and to share the success together.

The respecting of the standards, is guaranteed by a complex system of monitoring, and from the application of the norms and sanctions which can lead all the way to the interruption of the relationships with the supplier.

To understand the level of the suppliers selected by KOLONAT, all it takes is to notice the prestigious names of our main partners.



Administers all the logistical infrastructure of KOLONAT, national and international supply, the organization of the magazines and the delivery of all the food products and non-food products to the KOLONAT restaurants inside and outside of Albania
Founded in 1996, Belavis it’s a firm that is now completed for the production and delivery of raw materials for the KOLONAT branch
Belavis operates through the delivery center, located in Tirana, while guaranteeing the full respecting of standards of quality and safety of the food for the KOLONAT system.
Here we produce all of our types of sauces and chicken products, with a high European standard, which you enjoy and test in our products in the KOLONAT menu.



It’s our main supplier of hamburgers for KOLONAT
It’s one of the most serious brands with the highest standards in the production of bovine meat sub products and administers and controls the whole production network. The production cycle starts from the cattle and finishes with the end-product.



Leader in the production of bread and specialized in the production of hamburger buns both in its country in Greece and also in the international market. It offers guaranteed quality products, in accordance with all the parameters of quality and consumer’s request.
The Select firm establishment meets all the criterions and high technological parameters and automation to answer all the high standards of quality and safety that KOLONAT demands, and has a high capacity of production



One of the leaders of flour production in the neighboring state. Their product is now an international product due to its nutritional values and quality parameters. The flour we use its specially produced for the production of pizza, making our pizzas very qualitative and tasty.



Producers of potato products named nr.1 in the worldwide market, which offers quality, standards and nutritional values to the consumer



One of the world’s famous brand of production of refreshment drinks



The producer of Italian pasta known for their quality and nutritional values



The famous cheese known worldwide for its quality and unique taste



The cooperation with KOLONAT started in the year 2003, with the supplying of the first restaurants of KOLONAT with Pepsi products, various drinks, fries etc., as an important enterprise for the supplying of the Albanian market with products from famous brands that guarantee quality and standards
This company offers the brands Pepsi and Amstel beer.



Albamilk is an Albanian firm specialized in the production of milk sub-products. Our company has started the cooperation with Albamilk since the first days of its activities, standardizing the production of the mozzarella cheese for KOLONAT, which is a highly qualitative product which is made out of fresh milk with no chemical components. Now, with over 11 years of experience, we always guarantee a standardized and quality product.



Producer of all the paper products. This company produces all the beverage cups that we use in our activity, which are certified products with organic raw materials, meeting all the EU standards. Its products are recyclable and help protect the environment



Producer of all the packaging products. This company produces all the hamburger boxes that we use in our activity, which are certified products with an organic raw material composition, meeting all the EU standards. Its products are recyclable and help protect the environment.