The continuous control and rigorous standards

Today KOLONAT follows preparatory norms, of food cleanliness and hygiene, demonstrated through a highly detailed operative protocol. Aside from this, the selection and control of the raw materials that is made upon its suppliers has standards of the highest level and it’s amongst the most rigorous in the restaurants sector.

Therefore, we work with the objective to guarantee the constant quality for every food ingredient: from the origins of the first raw materials, to the end product. All suppliers of KOLONAT are subject to detailed controls. Between them is also the HACCP system (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) which consists in the identification of the critical points of control, prevents food pollution, guarantees their safety and allows authorities to verify the correct application of the safety procedures. This is an obligated legal procedure, which is rigorously applied by KOLONAT. Besides the application of the norms, KOLONAT uses its own rigorous standards of working. On top of these are added several analysis made in the supplier’s laboratories and also in those approved by the Health Ministry. The quality controls are applied continuously, because the nutritional security tutelage is KOLONAT’s priority.

Each product can enter the restaurant after it has been verified that the production and transportation are made in accordance with the strict conditions of security demanded by KOLONAT. The refrigeration cycle is never interrupted from the freezer trucks, to the refrigeration rooms, where the temperature is constantly controlled and doesn’t exceed -18°C. The fresh products are stored in temperatures +1°C and +4°C. Each ingredient has its way and expiration date for storing and safekeeping, which are always respected at KOLONAT. In our restaurants, the first raw materials to enter the refrigerator are the first to come out of it.

The date, time of production and expiration are put in each box and package wrapping. This allows the recognition of the time of production and identify the type of product served.

The constant control procedure starting from the raw materials and all the way to the final product means that, starting from the box of hamburgers, sandwiches, pizzas or fries, it’s possible to find the origin of the raw materials. This is possible thanks to the available documentation, which shows the course of the ingredients starting from the raw materials until the final product.

All the equipment, grill, ovens and fryers are continuously monitored by the staff members, are cleaned frequently throughout the day, and are disassembled, washed and sterilized along with the other kitchen equipment.

The meat that we use for the hamburgers is taken by the front limbs of the bovine. The taste and quality are the same with the meat that you can find at your favorite and trusted butcher shop. KOLONAT hamburgers contain the minimum amount of fat needed to be cooked in the grill, without adding oil and without changing the organoleptic properties. The cooking of the meat products is made between two grills, which are continuously and carefully cleaned, in a temperature between 177°C (the lowest) and 218°C (the highest), for a minimum amount of time of 41 seconds. This method makes the KOLONAT hamburger a product well cooked, soft, and with less fat in comparison with the ones that are ordinarily home-cooked.

Also, the same method applies to the hamburger and sandwich buns, in order to have our sandwiches enjoyed ready-made, warm and with flavor.

The baking ovens for the pizzas are of a modern technology, tunnel shaped, which not only achieve a uniform baking, but also maintain a high standard of the nutritional values of the pizza. All of the products are newly prepared, this is why you may have to wait a couple of minutes.

Currently, the quality at KOLONAT is guaranteed by a quality and controlled service