How to become part of KOLONAT

How to become part of KOLONAT?

Our ideal candidate it’s a high level panel director which wishes to apply his professional abilities and personal experience in his own business, or a person that has the following characteristics:

  • High integrity and personality
  • Remarkable abilities in the administration of the personnel and communication
  • Impressive discernment skills in the financial field
  • Strong leadership qualities
  • The right personality to be an excellent representative of the brand
  • An orientation towards the client


To manage a KOLONAT restaurant means to work with intensity everyday: in the kitchen, at the cashier, together with the personnel, while managing the local marketing and sales.
We need motivated people to undertake a long term partnership: the franchising contract has a long term of a maximum of 20 years.

The minimal requirements to apply:

  • Age between 32 and 45 years
  • Personal financial capacity to invest


KOLONAT is not asking for investors, doesn’t sign contracts with multiple partner companies, nor with entrepreneurs that wish to change the type of their business. The candidate should be a person which completes individually the financial requirements.

The geographical preparedness of the candidate should be on a national level, or for one or several of the specified KOLONAT regions. We do not ask franchise for a specific city, since we do not ask the candidate to invest in the location (the research and the decision for the investment are completely decision which KOLONAT will approve), since the choice of the location is based on the well-defined criterions and also on the basis of the income that it will produce for the franchise and for KOLONAT.



The proposed location for the building of KOLONAT:

  • City
  • The correct address and the location of the premises
  • The space of the premises
  • Its blueprint
  • The documentation of the ownership


The KOLONAT brand is an activity that is practiced within the field of social food, a fast and quality service standardized in all of its range.
Starting from this base principle, your facility choice of where you would practice such activity, must take in consideration the following criterions which will help ensure your safety

  • In the traditional center of the city. A center that even in the actual moment has a high flux of citizens from morning until the late hours of night.
  • Or a non-traditional center, but that nowadays it’s highly frequented by citizens.
  • In a place where it is predicted to be a zone highly frequented by families, children and youngsters.
  • In highly frequented shopping centers .
  • The proposed facility must have a parking space, be it in the streets or parking areas. Such thing makes the facility even more frequented by clients.
  • The facility must have a space not smaller than 400m2
  • The facility must have a square or triangle shape, a shape that gives the architectural possibility for the organization of the hall and the kitchen.
  • The height of the facility must not be smaller than 3.30 m.
  • It is preferred that the facility be a new construction, so that it can be adaptable in the functionalities of KOLONAT, and to not have important interventions in its construction.
  • The facility must have as many spaces for glass windows as possible, so that it can be more observable by the passersby.
  • The facility must be in the first floor of the building.
  • To have a large entrance in front of the main street where passersby walk
  • The entrance must not have stairs, or to have a maximum of 1-2 steps.
  • It is important that the facility has a position that is as much observable by passersby as possible.
  • To have a view that gives the possibility of visible product advertisements.
  • It is preferred a facility where there is as little need for constructions as possible, in order to have a smaller cost of investment in it.
  • It is preferred that near the facility to be other activities that make possible the attraction of clients.

Starting from these general requests, you will compile the form below, which makes it possible for us to have a clearer picture of the proposed facility.



The maximal cost of a KOLONAT restaurant is around 200.000 to 250.000 Euro (including VAT). This amount is always dependable on the area of the facility, which minimally should not be smaller than 400 m2, and an additional cost, which is an entry fee.

The candidate should confirm that he owns the above-mentioned sum in “cash” form or credit through credit institutions.

Usually the franchise contract has a duration of 20 years.

The above costs correspond to the direct purchase from one of the authorized suppliers of KOLONAT of the kitchen equipment, equipment for the inside and outside area, decoration and signs.
From the opening moment of the restaurant, in accordance with the franchising contract, there are determined also the obligations that arise to the franchisee in rapport with the KOLONAT brand for the whole managing process and the logistics that KOLONAT makes available to the franchisee, throughout the whole length of period specified in the contract


The profit is dependable on various factors; for example on the sales and the good administration of the entrepreneur. The amount of profit of a restaurant is determined by the choice of the location, through the predictability calculation of the investment return balance of the franchise and on the weight of the investment. Throughout the negotiations, we give you detailed information on the expectations of profit.


If the candidate meets the minimal requirements, he will proceed to have a series of interviews with the directors of KOLONAT. If the interviews (usually there are 3, and a practical test in one of the restaurants) have a positive result, the agreements are signed for the start of the training period, which has a duration of a maximum of 6 months.